Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Buy ESR iPad Mini Case, 20% OFF on Tempered Glass Screen Protector @Amazon_UK

Promotion: Buy ESR iPad Mini Case, 20% OFF on Tempered Glass Screen Protector!

  • Yippee color carefully chooses ten fashionable colors to enable you to match with different styles in different occasions and make you look perfect every day.
  • The translucent back covers will protect your iPad from every angle; Pure polycarbonate back plate that is scratch resistant and flexible with a special treatment designed to prevent fingerprint
  • A snug fit and slim design add no bulk to you iPad; Built-in magnet to control the sleep/wake function, the magnet also keep front cover close firmly with the iPad screen when you close the cover and put it in your bag, no more worry about scratches on the iPad screen.
  • The tri-fold has a total of twenty magnets equally spaced along the edges of the front cover. The multiple magnets make every fold exceptionally sturdy and the dual folding capabilities enable you to have a stand for typing or an upright position for easy viewing.
  • Magnetic cover keeps your screen closed even when being tossed around in a purse or bag. You will no longer have to worry the wake function drain your battery.
Customer Reviews (selected):
Excellent - I'm really happy with the color (turquoise) of the case and the fact that it's really light weight. It's slim and nicely made. Delivery was quick. My only complaint is that the magnet is not strong enough to keep the cover closed, but for the price I'm pretty satisfied. I would recommend it.

About ESR
  • ESR, a global registered brand, continuously provides the customized, colorful and fashionable digital protective products to every consumer with reliable and premium quality. 

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