Monday, August 31, 2015

Safe Guard Your iPhone 6/iPhone 6s with ESR Racer Case!

Safe Guard Your iPhone 6/iPhone 6s with ESR Racer Case!
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  • Patented Tri-layer design: The outer case is Anti-scratch Hard PC Back. The soft TPU bumper inside has an embedded solid X-Bone frame that attenuates shocks evenly and strengthens the structure of the case. Also the two steel mesh groves provide extra ventilation for the iPhone 6/iPhone 6s.
  • The Racer's Special: The hard PC cover is 1.5 mm all around. The TPU Bumper was thickened to 2.7 mm at corners to protect your iPhone 6/6s from accidental drops. Better corner protection of the ESR cushion design provides better shock absorbency
  • Better Screen and Camera protection: The case has a 1.2 mm raised bezel offering increased protection to the surface of the screen. There is also a 2.5 mm raised bezel to protect the camera.
  • Excellent Grip: Being textured along the sides of the case it provides a better grip against slips of everyday use.
  • Larger Ports: The port openings were enlarged for larger headphone jacks like Beats.

Customer Reviews (selected):
Did I mention that we have a volleyball playing, skateboard loving, X-Games fanatic teenage son? Now I think that we have a protective phone case that can actually keep up with him.
That case has a great, tough three-layer design that incorporates a hard shell exterior covering a TPU softer rubber, shock absorbing interior and an X shaped layer between them to add stability and shock dispersion.
Made for the iPhone 6 (4.7); is a perfect fit for our phone, and was easy to install. Would recommend to anyone looking for a defender style case for their iPhone 6 (4.7).
This case was tested on our teenage son's phone and fit nicely... he is also a self professed 'car guy', and the style of this case is right on the mark. If you are looking for a case of this style, size, price and function for your iPhone 6 (4.7), we would recommend giving this one a try based on our son's experience with it.

About ESR
ESR, a global registered brand, continuously provides the customized, colorful and fashionable digital protective products to every consumer with reliable and premium quality.

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